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EURO-PARK Ząbkowice

EURO-PARK Ząbkowice was established in January 2022

The company was established by the Industrial Development Agency S.A. (ARP S.A.) and the National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR). KOWR contributed 123.5 hectares of land to the company, while ARP S.A. provided the cash contribution necessary to start the investment, as well as the know-how developed over nearly 30 years of managing special economic zones.

Our mission

Our main objective is to stimulate the economic development of the region, increase industrial efficiency, create space for new investments and prepare investment areas for innovative and modern investments. The new industrial park will also contribute to reducing unemployment and improving the quality of life of the Ząbkowice district residents.

Special Economic Zones of Industrial Development Agency

ARP S.A. is a company under the supervision of the Ministry of State Assets, 100% owned by the State Treasury. The Company assists companies in conducting and developing their business activities, implementing restructuring processes and plays an important role in improving the competitiveness of Polish industry. The support provided by ARP S.A. includes both financial products and non-financial assistance through the provision of investment land and production facilities in special economic zones managed by the Company: EURO-PARK Mielec and EURO-PARK Wisłosan. In recent years, ARP S.A. has focused on the creation of new industrial parks of strategic importance for the Polish economy, such as EURO-PARK Kobierzyce and EURO-PARK Ząbkowice.