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Investment areas in an excellent location


Lower Silesia is one of the most important manufacturing regions in Poland. Many well-established international companies have developed their operations here in leading industries (automotive, home appliances, machinery, pharmaceuticals, chemicals). Access to a skilled workforce and innovation in industrial solutions and Industry 4.0 applications make Lower Silesia one of the leading regions in the country.

Continuous interest in Lower Silesia increases the demand for well-prepared investment areas.

To meet these demands, Euro-Park Ząbkowice sp. z o.o. offers investment plots in Ząbkowice Śląskie.

The location of the site, directly on the S8 expressway, will provide excellent communication with both Wroclaw and EURO-PARK Kobierzyce, as well as central points of Poland. EURO-PARK Ząbkowice is located 60 km from Wroclaw, in the northern part of Ząbkowice Śląskie, next to the national road no. 8 and covers an area of approximately 123 ha. Investment plots of various sizes (depending on the needs of the investment) will be equipped with all utilities and social facilities for transit.


Lower Silesia

EURO-PARK Zabkowice

Local Spatial Develpement Plan

The Local Spatial Development Plan allows production activities on the EURO-PARK plot. On the investment area it is possible to build production facilities, warehouses and storehouses, as well as to develop services. The MPZP allows for the construction of technical infrastructure and photovoltaic systems. It also establishes conditions for the installation of photovoltaic systems on the territory of the EPZ itself and wind power systems in nearby locations.

Height of buildings Max. height (buildings, incl. technical infrastructure facilities and technical structures and equipment and industrial installations): 45 m

(max. height of buildings, except of the buildings specified in point 5: 30 m)

Development ratio 65% (possibly up to 90%)
Green area indicator 10%

Utilities Infrastructure

Visualisation of the investment area

In the photo you can see the first visualization of the EURO-PARK Ząbkowice area division. We present the general idea together with the course of internal roads and networks. The final division and appearance of the area will depend on the needs of future investors.


The EPZ plot is located on the National Road 8. The S8 expressway, which will connect the site to the A4 highway, is under construction adjacent to the site. The S8 road is scheduled to be completed in 2027. There are also plans to add a second lane to the DK8 road and to electrify the railway line between Legnica and Katowice, which will significantly increase the attractiveness of the area for investment. The EPZ area is connected to the city center and surrounding towns by a very well developed public transport network.


A 220 kV high-voltage line is located in the vicinity of EURO-PARK. In the future, a 440 kV line will run through the area. The main power supply of the area is GPZ 220/110/120 kV Ząbkowice, which is located about 3.5 km from the investment area.

Gas Supply System

The reduction and metering station is located on the opposite side of the DK8 road (ZZU Zwrócona station). The 6.3 MPa w/c gas pipeline is operated by Gaz-System. The high pressure gas pipeline is connected to the 1.6 MPa medium pressure distribution pipeline. In order to ensure gas supply to the Project, a gas reduction and metering station will be extended or built.

Sanitary Sewage and water supply Network

EURO-PARK Ząbkowice will be connected to the water supply system, the sewerage system and the network for the disposal of municipal and household waste water in its south-eastern part. PWiK Delfin Sp. z o.o. - a water supply company operating in Ząbkowice Ślaskie - is planning to modernize the existing sewage treatment plant by expanding it to handle a larger volume of sewage. The current capacity of the treatment plant is about 2500 m3/day and it is located about 5 km from the site.

Public transport

Public transportation connects the EPZ area to the city center and surrounding towns.

Railroad / railroad siding

The EPZ is located 4 km from the local railway station. The station provides daily connections to Legnica, Klodzko or Kudowa Zdroj and all intermediate towns, as well as direct connections to Krakow, Jelenia Gora and Walbrzych. At the railway station there is a service infrastructure facility (siding) used for transshipment. The usable area is 254 m, the loading frontage of the yard is 128 m.